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Have a problem with your equipment or service but not sure why? Ask SecuriMax for a copy of our quick troubleshooting guide.

Personalized Customer Support

Contact us if you have questions regarding your security alarm system. Our customer support staff is here to help you with any issue concerning your home security alarm system. In addition, answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQs sheet.

Member Benefits

Our goal is to provide you with trouble-free, dependable home security service including parts and LABOR for as long as you are a customer.



Installing and activating your GE Home Security System is a simple process that takes as little as one to three hours depending on the system being installed. Our technicians are licensed, fingerprinted and have had an extensive background check. They have over 20 years experience.



A guide to the very important task of testing your system at least once per month as well as all the features and functions of your new alarm.


Our FAQs are designed to answer your questions about our available products and services, give technical assistance with your system, service, and billing questions. Click here to read the FAQ.


For billing issues or to change billing information, please call: 

Pick the right company for you

Central Standard Time
Mon – Fri: 09:00am – 08:00pm
Sat: 09:00am – 05:00pm

Email: support@securimaxinc.com

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