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At SecuriMax Inc., we strive to provide only the highest quality products and dedicated service at an affordable price. Our home security packages provide the equipment necessary to protect your entire home for a fraction of the cost while our competitors offer a “starter” package that only protects part of the house at a much higher cost.

Why choose SecuriMax INC over other Home Security Companies?

If you are in the market to buy a security system, you’ve probably been shopping around and comparing different companies in the alarm system industry. Here are the reasons our customers chose us…

Parts and Labor Warranty

Not just the parts… Labor Too!

We Are Local


Help support your neighbours and friends that live in your community. (You could drive to our office before you get through to the “big guys”).

Your Rates Are Fixed

You will not have to worry about the rate increases that you get with most of the other companies.

We Are More Cost Effective

For this much equipment you would pay hundreds more with other companies.

Other Home Security Companies


Offer only one home security monitoring service while SecuriMax Inc. uses the best technology to bring you several types of alarm monitoring service such as landline telephone, cellular, broadband (perfect for home alarm systems without phone line), and two-way voice monitoring.

When you choose a home security company, make sure it’s one you can trust! Remember – you’re placing your most valued items in its care.

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