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"Package Theft: How to Respond and Protect Future Deliveries"

Updated: Jul 2

Package Theft - How to protect

When a package you've been waiting for doesn't show up where and when it's supposed to, it can be frustrating and concerning. Package theft is a growing problem that many homeowners face today. This guide will walk you through the important steps you should take if you suspect your package has been stolen. By quickly verifying the delivery details, contacting the courier service, and reporting the theft to the police and the retailer, you can improve the chances of recovering your stolen goods or receiving a refund.

We will also look at ways to improve your home security to stop future thefts. This includes using technology like security cameras and taking advantage of services that provide more secure delivery options. Let’s dive into how you can tackle package theft and safeguard your deliveries moving forward.


Immediate Steps to Take If a Package is Stolen:


If you come home to find that a package you were expecting is missing, it’s important to act quickly. Here are the steps you should take right away if you think your package has been stolen:

1. Confirm the Delivery:

First, double-check the delivery details. Look at the tracking information provided by the shipping company to confirm that the package was delivered. Sometimes, there may be a mistake or delay, and the package might still be on its way. Also, check around your property carefully. Delivery companies sometimes leave packages in less noticeable places to keep them out of sight from the street.

2. Contact the Delivery Carrier:

Once you’ve confirmed that the package was delivered and is missing, contact the delivery company. This could be USPS, FedEx, UPS, or another service. Report the missing package, as they may be able to provide more details on the delivery or even help locate it if it was misdelivered to a nearby address.

3. Notify the Sender or Retailer:

Let the retailer or the person who sent the package know about the missing package. Many companies have policies for stolen packages and can send you a replacement or refund the purchase. When you contact them, have your order information handy to speed up the process.

4. File a Police Report:

If the package was expensive, filing a police report might be needed. This is especially true if you notice a trend of thefts in your area. While the police may not be able to recover the stolen package, having a report can help them track theft patterns and could be useful for insurance claims.

5. Check Nearby Security Footage:

If you have home security cameras, review the footage to see when the theft happened. This evidence can be helpful to the police. If you don’t have cameras, ask neighbors if their cameras might have caught something.

Taking these steps quickly not only improves your chances of recovering the stolen item or receiving a refund but also helps protect your deliveries in the future.


Follow-Up Actions:


If a package is stolen from your home, taking the right steps afterwards is important. Here's a simple guide to help you handle the situation:

1. Confirm the Theft

First, make sure the package was actually stolen. Check your order confirmation for the delivery date and time. Look around your property, as some delivery drivers may leave packages in hidden spots. Also, ask your neighbors if they might have received it by mistake or seen anything suspicious.

2. Review Security Footage

If you have a home security camera, review the footage around the delivery time. Video evidence can be important in identifying the person and providing proof of the theft.

3. Report the Theft

Contact the delivery company and report the package missing. Provide them with any important details, such as tracking number, delivery time, and any security footage. Many delivery services have policies to handle stolen packages and may offer a refund or replacement.

4. File a Police Report

Filing a police report is also important, especially if you have video evidence or if there have been several thefts in your area. This helps the police keep track of crime patterns and can be useful for insurance claims.

5. Inform the Sender

Notify the retailer or sender about the stolen package. They may offer a refund or send a replacement, especially if the package was insured.

6. Improve Your Home Security

Consider improving your home security to prevent future thefts. Here are a few tips:

  • Add cameras to cover different angles of your property.

  • These have built-in cameras and can alert you to any activity at your door.

  • When ordering valuable items, request a signature upon delivery to guarantee they aren't left unattended.

  • Many delivery companies offer secure lockers for package pickups.

7. Inform Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know about the theft so they can be aware. Neighborhood awareness can help prevent future thefts and keep everyone safer.


By following these steps, you can deal with a stolen package and improve your home security to prevent future thefts.

how to prevent future thefts

Prevention and Mitigation Strategies:


If a package is stolen, it’s important to know how to stop it from happening again and reduce the impact. Here are some simple prevention and mitigation strategies:

Prevention Strategies

  1. Installing security cameras around your home, especially near the front door, can scare off thieves. The presence of cameras alone can make thieves think twice.

  2. Smart doorbells with cameras allow you to see who is at your door and can notify you when a package is delivered. You can monitor deliveries in real-time and store video footage to look over later.

  3. When ordering expensive items, request a signature upon delivery. This makes sure that packages are not left unsupervised and are handed directly to someone at your home.

  4. Provide specific instructions for where packages should be left. Choose a location that you can’t see from the street, like behind a planter or a side door, to make it harder for thieves to spot them.

  5. Use package lockers provided by delivery companies or retailers. These secure lockers are often located at local stores or community centers and keep your packages safe until you can pick them up.

  6. Arrange for deliveries when you know you will be home. If possible, track your packages and try to be there when they arrive.


Mitigation Strategies

  1. If a package is stolen, report it to the delivery company and the retailer. They may offer a refund or send a replacement. Provide any important details, including tracking information and security footage if available.

  2. Filing a police report helps authorities track theft patterns in your area. It’s also useful for insurance claims if the package contained valuable items.

  3. Sometimes packages are left with neighbors or in a different spot. Ask around to see if anyone has seen your package or saw suspicious activity.

  4. Regularly check your security camera footage to spot any suspicious behavior around your home. This can help stop future thefts and provide evidence if another incident happens.

  5. Consider package insurance for valuable items. Some delivery services and credit card companies offer insurance that covers stolen packages.

By implementing these prevention and mitigation strategies, you can reduce the risk of package theft and handle any incidents more effectively.




If a package is stolen, it’s important to act quickly and effectively. Start by checking the theft. Check your delivery confirmation and look around your property. Ask neighbors if they received it by mistake or saw anything unusual. If you have a security camera, review the footage for any proof of the theft.

Next, report the theft to the delivery company and provide them with all important details, including any video evidence. They may offer a refund or replacement. Also, notify the retailer or sender about the missing package, as they might have their own policies for dealing with stolen deliveries.

Filing a police report is important, especially if there have been multiple thefts in your area. This helps authorities track crime patterns and can be useful for insurance claims.

To prevent future thefts, enhance your home security. Install more cameras, use smart doorbells, require signatures for deliveries, and consider using package lockers. Inform your neighbors about the theft so they can be aware.

By taking these steps, you handle the stolen package issue and improve your home security to prevent future thefts. This guarantees your property stays safe and secure.

How to handle the stolen package issue



What do I do if someone steals my package?

If your package has been lost or stolen, contact the retailer, and tell them what happened. Every retailer has its own policy on lost packages or stolen items, but most will at least send out a replacement for what was taken or even offer a refund.


Can I get a refund if my package is stolen?

Yes, you may be able to get a refund if your package is stolen. Here are the steps to follow to seek a refund:


1. Contact the Retailer

  • Contact the retailer or seller where you purchased the item. Explain the situation and provide details like the order number, tracking information, and any evidence (e.g., security camera footage).

  • Many retailers have policies in place for stolen packages and may offer a refund or replacement. Check the retailer’s website for their policy on lost or stolen packages.


2. Contact the Delivery Company

  • Reach out to the delivery service (e.g., UPS, FedEx, USPS) that handled the package. Provide them with the tracking number and details of the theft.

  • If the package was insured, you may be eligible for a refund through the delivery company’s insurance. Some delivery services offer automatic coverage for lost or stolen packages.


3. Check Payment Method Protections

  • If you used a credit card to make the purchase, check if your card offers purchase protection. Some credit cards cover stolen items if the theft occurs within a certain period after purchase.

  • If you paid through PayPal or a similar service, check their buyer protection policies. You might be able to file a claim for a refund.


4. File a Police Report

  • Filing a police report can be useful, especially if you need to provide proof of the theft to the retailer or delivery company. Some companies require a police report for claims on stolen packages.


5. Follow Up

  • Keep records of all communications with the retailer, delivery company, and any claims filed.

  • Follow up regularly to ensure your claim is processed. Sometimes, persistence is necessary to get a resolution.

By taking these steps, you increase your chances of receiving a refund or replacement for a stolen package.



Am I responsible for a stolen package?

The consumer is responsible for pursuing a resolution for a lost package or stolen package. So, who is responsible for lost packages at work or at home? As the recipient or buyer, you are ultimately responsible for resolving the issue of a lost or stolen package delivery.


Who is responsible if a parcel is stolen from your doorstep?

If you were asked to select a "safe place" for the courier to leave the parcel and it was stolen, then it's your responsibility. However, it's the courier's fault if it was stolen and you did not nominate a "safe place". Many couriers now take photos of the parcel when they deliver it to prove it has arrived.

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